Alhambra, CA Guitar Teacher Angelo Roldan

Angelo Roldan, Guitar Teacher, Alhambra CA At A Glance
Guitar Teacher: Angelo Roldan
Instruments and Styles: I teach guitar here at Music Teacher on Main and my specialties include Classical, Finger Style, Rock, Pop, Blues, and Gypsy Jazz.
My Students: I accept students of all ages.

My Lessons: My lesson plans are offered once a week as follows:

  • Half hour - $25.00
  • 45 minutes - $37.50
  • 1 hour - $50.00


  • Monday - Friday: 3pm - 9pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 5pm

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Is Angelo Roldan the Right Guitar Teacher for You?
Get to know Angelo better with this in-depth, informative interview.

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Q: Hi Angelo! Can you start by telling me for how long have you been playing and teaching guitar?

A: I've been playing the guitar for 9 years and teaching since 2004.

Q: For any student looking to find a music instructor, what do you feel you bring to the table that distinguishes you from other guitar teachers?

A: I try to make the lessons as easy and understandable as possible. People want real world results and I give them that. It's a teacher's dream to have a student practice 1 to 2 hours a day but that is usually not the case. I have created a curriculum that not only gets results but allows the students to play right away!!!!

Q: Tell us the 3 main reasons you hear students stating for wanting to take guitar instrument lessons.

1. A hobby
2. To learn songs of their favorite band
3. For fun

Q: What is the most common challenge you've observed beginners facing in learning to play guitar?

A: The main challenge I see that beginners face is the ability to practice consistently.

Q: What is your approach to helping students overcome these challenges? How can you help them?

A: The ability to practice consistently begins with the idea of brushing your teeth everyday. It's an ingrained habit that most people would not forget to do; practicing has to be the same way. Inspiration always helps, listening to favorite artists, lessons that inspire the student to practice and the help of parents are sure ways of getting the student or reminding him/her that they need to practice.

Q: How much time should a beginning student be ready to devote to practicing on a weekly basis, if they want to make good progress?

A: Every student is different, but a good way to get a consistent practice schedule is to start off with a short amount of time. 5 to 10 minutes a day is better than an hour once a week!!!!!

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching guitar and other stringed instruments to adults?

A: I love the idea that you can learn anything at any age. Heck, I started playing the guitar when I was 22!!! I try to instill the idea that you can start at any age with my students so we can work together to plan a course for what they are trying to achieve with the guitar. In my mind there are no limits so when an adult starts with me I use the same lesson plan as I would a child.

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching music to children?

A: The fact that a lot of my students can absorb the material so fast, it's a great joy to see that. Even the littlest things can bring a smile to a kids face, its part of what makes my job so enjoyable!!!!!

Q: For parents, how long, on average, should they expect their child to need to take music lessons before they can play their first simple tune?

A: I begin teaching my students their first tune at the first lesson. What better way to inspire a student than to have them play a song they can show their friends and family!!!!

Q: How will intermediate or advanced students benefit from coming to you for further instruction? How can you improve their musical abilities and satisfaction in playing the music they love?

A: No matter what level a student is at they can always achieve more when it comes to private lessons. Learning has no limits, therefore when it comes to intermediate or advanced students we can focus on the details that make good musicians great.

Q: What local opportunities are there for your students to play their instruments in a performance setting?

A: Some of my students join the school jazz band and others have taken it further by creating their own bands. Here at the Music Teachers On Main, we offer one or two recitals a year to showcase the students achievements.

Q: To take our last question a step further, are there any local musical venues where you have performed, or any local orchestras/groups with whom you have played?

A: I currently perform with another guitarist at a local restaurant mostly playing covers.

Q: Tell us about something one of your music students has gone on to do that made you proud.

A: I had one student who was in 3rd grade perform at a school talent show. He received a standing ovation after his performance.

Q: When do you know that you've succeeded with a student?

A: It's the simple fact that when my students come to a lesson, they have a little grin that shows they're having fun. When it comes down to it that's all that matters. Scholarships, performances, completing a song are all nice but if a person is not truly enjoying what they are doing then its all for nothing in my opinion.

Q: When did your interest in music begin?

A: It all started in 5th grade when I joined the concert band playing the clarinet. It wasn't really the music that grabbed my attention - that came later. But it was the people that came with the music that grabbed my attention. Everyone in the band was genuinely a good decent person. Later on I decided that I wanted to surround myself constantly with that good vibe so that's one of the reasons why I became a music teacher.

Q: Please tell us about your formal music education and credentials.


  • B.A. in Music (Classical Guitar Performance) from UCSD
  • Currently pursuing a Master Certificate from the Berklee School of Music
  • Received an annual music scholarship in my name at a previous music academy (The Angelo Roldan Summer Music Scholarship)
  • Former Guitar Director at the CCMA (Children's Conservatory for Music Arts)

Q: What styles of music you love playing best, on your own time?

A: Classical has always been my first love on the guitar and is the style I find myself most devoted to. I enjoy playing classical, blues, classic rock and finger picking styles.

Q: Please share the highlights of your performance/working experience.

A: In 2008 as I was still teaching at the CCMA I received at my last student recital an annual scholarship in my name (The Angelo Roldan Summer Music Scholarship) from the owner of the music school.

Q: How has music enriched your life?

A: The experience so far has been very fulfilling, not only have I met other great musicians but the learning process is never ending. I mean that in a good way, there's so much music out there I feel I'll be content with the guitar for the rest of my life.

Q: What do you want students to get out of getting to work with you?

A: I want my students to come out of my lesson feeling that music and the learning process can be fun. I don't want practicing the guitar to feel like homework, so I think it comes down to inspiring my students to practice so they want to come back each week eager for more.

Q: Can you share a free tip that prospective students can benefit from right now?

A: Tips and secrets don't work but I will say this, the thing I strive to ingrain in my students is to practice SLOW. The best way to learn a song is to go as slow as possible, the results are boundless and will lead to better musicianship.

A little something more about Angelo Roldan, stringed instrument teacher at Music Teachers on Main:

There are guitar players and then there are guitar teachers. If anyone was to ask me what I do I always say I'm a guitar teacher first before I say I play the guitar. There are many who say they can teach but in reality there are only a few who really have that grasp on what its like to teach and do it well. I have the ability to connect with my students to get the best results from them.

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